COBIT 5 Software.

COBIT 2019 and COBIT 5 Software

The IT governance architecture is necessary to ensure appropriate and relevant governance for an organization. COBIT Software helps to provide the CIO to align business requirements to the IT investments and initiatives.

The GEIT governance model empowers the organization to structure the IT initiative and minimize project failure.

Objectives of the COBIT Software

  • To contribute to the business objectives
  • Contribute to save money and time
  • To minimize or prevent any risk
  • To assess and improve the effectiveness of IT usage and services
  • To assist to develop the IT-related policies and services
  • Continuously improve on IT-related services

GEIT for day to day operations

GEIT gives an opportunity for the senior managers to look at the top view in the daily execution of the governance. The implanted process model of using COBIT 2019 is to satisfy goals cascades. In the GEIT version (COBIT Toolkit) of IMChartered, the dashboard allows quick navigation in different segments such as objectives. Goals, management and impact analysis.

Customized COBIT software implementation

In the COBIT software, IMChartered is dedicated to providing a customized pro-model that will help to identify the stakeholders’ need and how those need to connect in the organization to minimize failed IT schemes.

COBIT 2019 Software follows the same pathway as COBIT 5 software. However, there are several differences in linking business goals to the IT goals in numerous factors such as activities. In this inclusive solution of IT Governance, the framework comprised of the process reference model along with good governance practices to create a sustainable green IT environment.

COBIT software provided by the IMChartered Group has the capabilities to guide for making decisions concerning the best-practices of information and related technology to assist business goals.