Support The CIO.

How a GEIT solution helps a Chief Information Officer (CIO)?

Governance of Enterprise IT solutions is created to support the CIO. The CIO dashboard has the ability to verify the service level design and system analysis in the current IT initiatives.

  1. Determine the IT vision: GEIT or COBIT software helps to provide insights into the goals of the IT business and formulates a vision to align with the IT strategy.
  2. Record the current situation: This part of the GEIT helps to record the current situation corresponding to the client, staff and vendors.
  3. Determine measurable targets: It allows to set the priorities with the client to match the vision of the organizational structure.
  4. Plan: A detailed service improvement plan is embedded in the core part of the GEIT to establish the next level of solutions.
  5. Check: Check the exact level and determine the next level of the IT budget and initiatives.
  6. Assure: Quality control is the heart of any IT services. This allows maintain and achieve the business goal for the organization.

This helps to set the followings for a CIO:

  • Operational activities
  • Cost reduction strategy
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Security